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Windows With Integrated Blinds | Internorm

Windows with integrated blinds

Whether it’s the opportunity to show-off with a new elegant and stylish innovation or the obvious advantages of blinds sealed within an air-tight environment, integrated blinds are winners all round. They don’t get damp, dusty or dirty and they can’t be abused by little hands or paws.

Internorm windows with integrated blinds are unique in their kind on the window market. The sun and privacy protection in these windows is integrated between the window panes. There are advantages when cleaning as the blinds are protected from wind, weather and dirt and there are advantages when refurbishing or with facades where roller shutters are not permitted – you can now install sun protection even in these situations.

Internorm windows with integrated blinds are available in the following materials:

  • Timber-aluminium
  • UPVC-aluminium

For sun protection itself, you can choose between blinds, Venetian blinds or opaque Duette® blinds.

Additionally, Internorm windows with integrated blinds can be equipped with I-tec shading. The sun protection unit can be controlled via photovoltaic module and battery without external power source. Operate it conveniently with the I-tec Smart Window App via tablet or Smartphone.

Windows with integrated blinds

Quadruple protection in one window

Internorm windows with integrated blinds unite four advantages in only one window: 

  1. Sun protection
    You can choose between blinds, Venetian blinds or Duette® blinds. These are situated between the glass panes. Thus no extra building work is required. The blinds are only suitable in their closed state as perfect sun protection; by adjusting the angle of the slats you can regulate exactly the amount of light coming in. 
  2. Privacy protection
    Protect yourself from unwanted observers with blinds and Venetian blinds. Duette®blinds offer excellent privacy protection, the aluminium coating of this double Venetian blind hardly lets any light through and ensures perfect blackout.
  3. Thermal protection
    Insulation fitted into the window frame ensures excellent U values. Thus, the UPVC-aluminium window with integrated blinds KV 440 achieves a Uvalue as low as 0.64 W/(m2K). The timber-aluminium window with integrated blinds HV 350 achieves even a UW value as low as 0.60 W/(m2K)
  4. Sound protection
    Soundproof windows are especially important near busy roads. Internorm windows with integrated blinds also score highly here. KV 440 achieves a sound protection value of up to 45 dB, HV 350 even up to 47 dB.

UPVC-aluminium window with integrated blinds KV 440

Not only integrated sun protection and control via energy self-sufficient I-tec shading make this window a very special product, I-tec ventilation can be fitted as well. For this, ventilation is included in the window frame which can be controlled for each room individually and as required. This is a considerable advantage compared to central building ventilations.

UPVC-aluminium window with integrated blinds KV 350

 Although the sun protection is situated directly in the window between the glass panes, KV 350 is still a narrow window. This window with integrated blinds is a slim-build with a construction depth of 74 mm and therefore suitable for almost any building situation. A clear advantage especially for refurbishments.

Timber-aluminium window with integrated blinds HV 350

Timber always adds naturalness and cosiness to your living areas. However, an aluminium clad is fitted to the outside of this window with integrated blinds HV 350 so that the timber stays protected from weather influences. You can design this aluminium clad in many colours. The sun protection is situated between the glass panes, protected from wind and weather. Highly thermally insulating thermal foam ensures excellent thermal insulation.


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