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What is the best conservatory roof system

If you’re looking to replace your conservatory’s roof or you are considering a new conservatory for your home, you’ve no doubt wondered what is the best conservatory roof system. Ultimately, this will depend on a variety of factors.

What is the best insulation for a conservatory roof?

Insulation wise, polycarbonate roofs perform the worst, especially old ones. Glass conservatory roofs insulate far more effectively than polycarbonate, plus low-emissivity glass is available nowadays, which traps even more heat inside the structure. However, tiled roofs are the clear winner in this category. For instance, the Supalite plus roof features U-Values of just 0.13 W/m2k, which are the lowest U-Values of any conservatory roof system currently available. Therefore, if you’re looking for a warm conservatory and lower energy bills, tiled roofs are the best solution.

Cost of replacing a conservatory roof

The price to replace a conservatory roof depends on a variety of factors including:

  • The type of roof: Glass roofs tend to cost marginally less than tiled ones because the job requires less labour. Also, if the conservatory structure needs reinforcing to accommodate a tiled roof, this will need to be accounted for.
  • Conservatory style: the conservatory roof for a lean-to conservatory tends to cost slightly less than on a Victorian conservatory, for example, even if they’re the same size.
  • Size of the conservatory: A bigger roof means more materials and more labour are required, therefore a higher cost is incurred.

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What weight roof can a conservatory take?

Black tiled roof Edwardian conservatory with a tiled patio

The roof weight that a conservatory can support will depend on the condition of the existing structure. If the structure is in good condition, most existing conservatories should be able to support glass and lightweight conservatory roofs. However, if a structure requires reinforcing, Supalite tiled roofs come with structural wind posts. These take the weight of the roof away from the structure to the foundations. However, if replacing a glass or polycarbonate roof with a solid/tiled roof, you will need to comply with Building Regulations.

For new conservatories, the roof will be decided upon prior to any building work taking place. The foundations will then be dug to accommodate the weight of the chosen roof and so will the structure.

How long does a conservatory roof last?

This will depend on the material it’s built from, however glass and polycarbonate roofs should be able to last for more than twenty years. Although, if properly maintained, either can last longer.

In comparison, solid roofs are expected to last for 50 years, however they could last more. They also require virtually no upkeep to last for this length of time. Supalite roofs are available with slate tiles, which are expected to last twice as long as cement roof tiles.

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