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What Are The Benefits of Double Glazing and IGU

Benefits of Double Glazing and IGU

Double glazed windows offer a superior barrier to the temperature outside by having the advantage of being made up of two panes of glass which have been separated with either a layer of air or gas. The air or gas acts as a layer of protection that reduces conductivity. It is a form of insulation which is also found on doors as well as windows. The gas used to make these products is argon. This gas works to keep heat from getting out and cold from getting in. It is a high-density gas which is preferred over air for filling the panes because it is so good at providing insulation.

What Are Some Other Benefits of Double Glazing?

Choosing double glazing for your windows and doors offers you several different benefits. The most significant is the insulation. These windows and doors also keep the heat from escaping your home in the winter. The inside panel of glass which faces the inside stays close to room temperature.

If you own a convection heating system, double glazing stops heat from rising to the upper floors. During the summer, it lowers the amount of heat gain in a house. It also decreases the amount of heat entering the home. Because the insulation powers of double glazing are so intense you may pay a lot less money for your heating and cooling bills.

These types of products also keep the amount of noise outside from coming in. This is great for anyone who lives on a busy street or who lives underneath a major airport’s flight path. It works for general peace and quiet for anyone wishing to get more sleep at night.

Double glazed windows and doors come in several types of glass. They are much safer than other types of glass and do not shatter if they break. Besides their amazing energy efficiency and their ability to cancel ambient noise out, there are other benefits to double glazing.

More Benefits of IGU Glass

1. Greater energy efficiency and comfort
  • Double Glazing noticeably reduces the costs of heating or cooling and does not contribute to greenhouse gases.
  • Double Glazing improves the Energy Rating your home receives.
  • Gains of more than 50 percent of insulation can be had.
2. Less Noise transmission
  • Greatly reduce the level of noise getting into your home with IGU.
  • Choose special glass designs and types to get even less noise transmission.
3. Reduce or eliminate your need for window coverings
  • You can use a lightweight or less expensive curtain set to cover your windows or doors wherever you need privacy.
  • You can enhance the view from inside your house by not having to dress or otherwise use the window or door where privacy is not a concern.
4. Reduce condensation
  • Problems with condensation exist in many homes, especially during the winter. Interior condensation is the result of humid warm air condensing on the cold surface of a single pane of glass. Double glazing stops this problem even in bathrooms.
  • A typical cause of wood windows deteriorating is internal condensation. Double Glazing eliminates this condensation problem and will allow you to get more life from your windows.
5. Increase security
  • Using thicker, safety glass with the help of double glazed items in your home makes it safer and more secure.
  • or greater security, use laminated glass in tandem with your double-glazed windows and doors.


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