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The EC To Start Elaborating a Masterplan For Energy-intensive Industries

On February 20th, Bertrand Cazes, Secretary General of Glass for Europe, attended the meeting of the High-level Group on Energy Intensive Industries convened by the European Commission. Bertrand Cazes replaced Mr Philippe Bastien, Regional President, Building & Industrial Glass Europe of AGC Glass Europe, who is the official representative of Glass Alliance Europe in this forum.

On behalf of Glass Alliance Europe, Bertrand Cazes expressed the support from the glass industry to the proposal that the high-level group starts elaborating an Industrial Transformation Masterplan for the implementation of the energy-intensive industries’ transition towards a climate-neutral and circular economy. This masterplan should indicate the main short- and long-term actions required from industrial value chains and the relevant enabling framework at the European and Member State levels. It should identify concrete areas and large-scale investment cases requiring R&I and investment and inform national energy and climate plans.

While laying-out the glass industry support to the proposal, Bertrand Cazes emphasised the important role of Europe’s glass industries as enablers of a carbon-neutral Europe thanks to its products, such as energy-efficient glazing or lightweight reinforcement fibres. He went on stressing the need for supportive framework conditions for further decarbonisation of the glass manufacturing processes, including financial support to R&D and demonstration projects for the electrification of large-scale high-temperature glass furnaces. Challenges linked to the availability and affordability of clean energy, including biogas, the conditions for the deployment of CCS and CCU technologies as well as the necessity to safeguard Europe’s industry competitiveness in this transition were also highlighted.


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