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STRUGAL Invisible Hardware recieved the awards NAN Architecture and Construction 2018

STRUGAL Invisible Hardware, a handle designed and manufactured by STAC, company that belongs to STRUGAL Group, has been the winner of the awards NAN Architecture and Construction 2018 in the category of locks and metalwork.

New handle with an exclusive design and minimalist aesthetics that satisfies the most demanding requirements. Together with hidden hinges gives to the window an aesthetics totally clean. Attractive and innovative design that stands out by its robustness, security and opening and closing commodity use.

With dimensions of 27,5 27,5 mm (L) x 234 mm (H), STRUGAL Invisible Hardware presents three possible positions:

  • Practicable opening position. 90º.
  • Tilt & turn opening position 180º.
  • Initial / closed position.

Perfectly integrated in the profile of the sheet, this handle is the ideal option for projects that requires an impeccable aesthetics, without any obstacle that could interfere the exterior sight. Together with the new minimalist handrail system, STRUGAL Invisible Glass Line, that recently has been launched in the market, offer the ideal solution for architectonic projects.

Innovation, functionality and elegance join together in this revolutionary solution for enclosures. A complement with a discreet appearance that enters the market in order to meet the requirements of the most innovative architectural projects where the light is the main protagonist.


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