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Strugal : Invisible Glass, the minimalist handrail system

Strugal Invisible Glass Line is a solution

Strugal introduces a new minimalist handrail system coupled with an almost invisible design. Strugal Invisible Glass Line is a solution without visible lines between outlines which provides a clean vision without interrupting any element. A pure line concept that combines the most avant-guard aesthetics with the highest demands for safety.

The new handrail system developed by the Strugal design team is a system with small view section, just 31.5mm. Easily manufactured and installed, Strugal Invisible Glass Line includes a fixing system using metric screws and a dual-function reinforcing splint. It can be directly installed during construction and paired with woodwork.

This system, which imitates the aesthetics of the French balcony, is the perfect option for projects with a clean aesthetic that is completely free from any obstacle that could interfere in the outside view.

When it is combined with the recently launched Strugal Invisible Hardware hidden handle, designed and manufactured by the Strugal group, both systems make the perfect solution for architectural projects based on the concept of transparency.

The Strugal Invisible Glass Line handrail system has been tested according to the methods defined in the UNE 85237:1991 standard and has been verified for different types of glass, adjusting to the requirements established in section 3.2 of the CTE DB SE-AE for use categories where a support of 1.6 kN/m is required in the upper part.

Also, the compliance with Eurocode 1 according to EN 1991-1-1:2003/AC:2010 has been checked for those countries in the European Union that do not have their own building legislation.

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