We provide you all information you need for your specification writing process

Creating specifications and project manuals can be difficult – they’re complicated, product research is time-consuming. We know that each project has unique needs. Let us help find the right solution for you.

What we do

Glassinnov is a consulting firm specializing in providing advices in specification writing for architects, engineers, contractors, properties owners, builders, public institutions, and developers working on projects requirering glass and glass products.

We support clients at each step along the way, including:

  • Products search is difficult and time consuming. We do extensive research to help you find and use innovative and specialized products.
  • Products information. We get in touch with suppliers to collect data and documentation about their products. We also collect information about the suppliers.
  • Compare and select. We compare products on the basis of the collected data.
  • Compliance. Whatever your needs may be, our experts can provide you the support and guidance you need to ensure you the products selected meet building code requirements, project specifications, or product certification requirements.
  • Educational resources. We find for you the most meaningful educational resources to help you gain expertise on products and industry.
  • Ask the experts live. Have any question about products, suppliers, regulatory, code & standards, certifications? Speak to industry experts via our live chat.

Exemple of our work

McKinsey works with owners, engineering and construction firms, developers, and investors across all asset classes. Specific experience includes:

  • Implementing a cloud control tower (CCT) for a solar power client, allowing it to better manage a portfolio of more than 15 projects in various states of construction. This resulted in more than 20 percent cost savings and nearly 20 percent decrease in in labor hours required.

    The CCT provided leadership with real-time transparency into project performance, benchmarked execution across projects, helped identify and share best practices across sites and contractors, and allowed the owner to more efficiently deploy teams in the field to address identified issues.

  • Helping a leading real estate company to institutionalize the use of 5-D building information modeling (BIM) for all of its high-value, flagship projects. The goal being a savings of $500 million on two projects alone by proactively resolving conflicts in different stakeholder designs and verifying material quantity needs.

    We helped convert all project specifications into BIM and established a single database, restructured the project team to support the new way of working, and created ready-to-use dashboards for leadership reviews. This has provided the client with a more-than-1,000 line-item cost database for use in future projects and has already saved more than 5 percent from original estimates.

  • Leveraging advanced analytics to identify drivers of productivity loss in a major oil and gas company’s engineering teams, spanning six product lines and more than 100 geographic locations.

    Based on the findings, we helped pilot key improvement initiatives and then launched a transformation program to improve productivity across the organization. In total, 15 to 25 percent in productivity improvements were achieved on megaproject pilots, the organization saw an overall savings of 10 percent in engineering costs, and 20 percent in additional savings were identified via productivity gains.

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