Solar Innovations® creates an iconic entryway with pivot doors

The challenge

When i5 Design was in the process of renovating the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., they reached out to Solar Innovations® to create an iconic entryway with pivot doors. The entrance was intended to divide the casino and the Ascend Sports Bar & Night Club and give off that “wow” factor and create a memorable experience for patrons. In addition, the doors needed to be designed to accommodate large groups of people to enter and exit the bar at once.

The process

Knowing that the client wanted a luxurious and high-quality experience for guests, Solar knew that we could provide the perfect solution. We were able to provide custom oversized doors that still met all of the necessary building codes and ADA/Egress needs in the casino and restaurant bar.

Six G3 Center Pivot Door Systems were installed in this project that spanned an opening of 36 feet. While all of the doors were one unit, each door also has the capability to work independently from one another. Reaching a height of 12 feet, these pivot doors look nothing less than grand on the casino floor. The design of these doors now allows for patrons to use any door as they begin to enter and exit the bar area of the casino.

In addition, custom hardware was added to each door panel to add a custom finish that met the aesthetic standards of the casino. Each of the panels also received a BTS-80 Floor Pivot Closer with Hold Open, allowing the doors to be held in the open position when the bar area is extremely crowded and busy.

The doors are also thermally broken and use insulated glass. As a result, the noise is limited in the bar area and creates the clients desired atmosphere for guests.

The result

Soaring Eagle Casino hit the jackpot with pivot doors from Solar Innovations®. With the collaboration between Solar and i5 Design, the result ended up being a luxurious and memorable solution that will have patrons returning for years to come.





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