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SageGlass Harmony™ : Design A Seamless View
SageGlass Harmony™ – Image: SageGlass

SageGlass Harmony™ is a totally unique glazing solution that provides precise glare and daylight control and a smooth visual aesthetic through a natural, seamless in-pane tint transition.

A Seamless Outdoor Connection

There is a reason we put glass in our buildings. It is our connection to the outside world. It is often our primary source of daylight in lives increasingly spent indoors. We want to maintain that connection, and benefit from that daylight, without the discomfort associated with excess heat and glare. All SageGlass dynamic glazing products deliver this by tinting to block heat and glare. However, in many instances, it is unnecessary to tint an entire pane of glass to block the source of heat and glare. Harmony has a natural, gradual in-pane tint transition from fully clear to fully tinted to protect you exactly where you need it.

Benefits of SageGlass Harmony™:

  • Targeted solar control
  • Gradual in-pane tint transitions
  • Blocks 99% of glare producing light
  • Intelligent daylight management
  • Maintains view and connection to outdoors
  • Excellent interior color rendering
  • Automatic & manual control
  • Helps achieve green labels

Design & Applications

  • Available as either a triple pane or double pane IGU
  • Multiple exterior color choices
  • Maximum size: 1520 mm by 3050 mm
  • Available only as a rectangle
  • Suitable for a variety of façade applications including
    punched openings, ribbon windows, floor to ceiling and
    structural glazing

Watch SageGlass Harmony™ in action:


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