New opportunities – POLFLAM BR butt-joint glass in curtain walls

In the functional arrangement of office buildings and public buildings, designers eagerly reach for solutions that provide optical lightness when separating individual spaces with glass walls. Fire resistance is often required. POLFLAM BR glass is intended for such applications – developed for creating fire-resistant glazing of large surface, without vertical profiles connecting individual wall modules.

Large panes can make glazings reaching the full height of the room, of any length – in the fire resistance class EI 30 and EI 60. Even with a large surface, they demonstrate high mechanical strength – POLFLAM BR glass, like other POLFLAM products, is made of toughened glass.

Thanks to the high sound insulation coefficient of POLFLAM BR glass (average Rw factor is 45-47 dB, with no necessity to add any extra glass pane), such glazing is an excellent barrier to sound – they achieve the soundproofing parameters recommended in places particularly exposed to noise.

New opportunities – POLFLAM BR butt-joint glass in curtain walls

The butt-joint technology allows for greater interior lighting compared to classic frame systems. This effect is also increased by the lightness and transparency of POLFLAM BR glass (light transmission Lt is almost 85%, with a very high colour rendering index Ra 99%).

In one glass partition mounted using this system you can combine sheets that are fully transparent and nontransparent ones, in colours from the RAL and NCS palettes or finished with digital printing. POLFLAM new technological investment allows you to obtain an aesthetic finishing of the BR glass pane with ceramic paint – the belt can have any width and any colour selected from the RAL palette. This type of finishing certainly distinguishes POLFLAM BR glass on the market.



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