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New integrated flush bolt + drop seal | Lorient

LAS9010 flush bolt + drop seal. Image: lorient

Flush bolts are security devices generally used when you have a set of double doors, one of the doors is inactive the majority of the time and the other door closes into it. In other words, the hinges are on the outside and the doors close together in the middle. The inactive door is held closed with a flush bolt at the top and bottom. The strike of the top bolt will be in the head of the frame and the strike for the bottom bolt will be in the floor.

LAS9010 is an innovative, slimline flush bolt that seamlessly integrates with Lorient’s most popular drop seal – LAS8001 si. The flush bolt is by a discreet Lorient branded lever, that drops the bolt into a sleek keep in the floor. Specifically designed for use with our rebated high-performance drop seal; together they provide the ultimate system combining security, with acoustic, smoke and energy containment at the bottom of the door.

UK designed and manufactured, the flush bolt can be teamed with any length of LAS8001 si drop seal – with the ability to cut to size. It does not penetrate the drop seal gasket and no adaptor kits are required. A matching variant for the top of the door is also available.

Extensively tested for peace of mind, the flush bolt maintains the acoustic performance of the drop seal Rw 41dB (BS EN ISO 10140-1: 2010+A2: 2014, Annex J); is fire tested to BS 476-22: 1987 in FD30 and FD60 doors and is classified to BS EN 12051: 2000.

LAS8001 si drop seal. Image:

Key features:

  • Does not penetrate the drop seal gasket
  • No extra adaptor kits required
  • Gasket uninterrupted virtually to door edge
  • Maintains acoustic performance of drop seal 41dB*
  • Wrap-around shape of bolt enhances security
  • Smooth locking action with branded levers
  • Suitable for bottom and top of door
  • Coordinated keep maintains the aesthetic
  • Sleek, sophisticated lines – fixings flush or concealed
  • Fire tested to BS 476-22: 1987 in an FD30
  • Fire tested to BS 476-22: 1987 in an FD60
  • Classified to BS EN 12051: 2000
  • Patent applied for No. 1718821.0.

*(BS EN ISO 10140-1: 2010+A2: 2014, Annex J)


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