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Minimalist Design And Maximum Transparency For Glass Doors – TECTUS® Glass

TECTUS® Glass - Flush glass doors in the limelight.

With the hinge system TECTUS Glass, SIMONSWERK has developed an aesthetic and functional solution for the holistic, flush-fitting installation of glass doors. Door leaf, frame and hinge system lie in one plane – the best prerequisite for minimalist design in combination with maximum transparency.

SIMONSWERK offers a solution for glass doors, which not only includes the hinge system TECTUS Glass, but also, as an alternative to commercially available components, a magnetic closure and handle variants. The special feature: The entire assembly requires no glass processing.

TECTUS® Glass - Flush glass doors in the limelight.



Minimalist hinge dimensions create maximum transparency of glass doors – with a simultaneous load capacity of 60 kg. This corresponds to a glass door with the dimensions of approx. 10 x 1000 x 2300 mm.

The hinge technology is used for 8 and 10 mm thick glass doors in the interior design of high-quality residential and heavy-duty buildings with timber, steel and aluminium frames. 

The integrated U-profile picks up the door leaf and ensures the perfect fit of the glass pane. The adjustment of the correct door position is easy and flexible due to the floating clamping. By tightening the clamping screws, the secure attachment takes place.

The concealed hinge system

A generous glazing, for example in offices or private living areas, serves the purpose of acoustic protection and the creation of targeted insights and views. Such a concept often goes hand in hand with the desire for a minimalist design. The hardware system TECTUS Glass gives the glass door unprecedented light and transparency. The flush surface of the door leaf, frame and hinge create a fascinating filigree with aesthetic technical hardware details. The overall element of the door is clearly and consistently expressed in the language of form, thus supporting the realization of contemporary interior design concepts.

The magnetic closure

The closing magnet KC 50, as well as the door-side magnetic plate KC 50/G, enable a contactless and silent closing process, which can be individually adapted to the desired closing behaviour of the door. The hardware solution is completed by a shapely handle matched to the hinge and the design element of the door. The installation of standard commercially available hardware components is also possible along with the use of SIMONSWERK’s suitable components.

TECTUS® Glass - Flush glass doors in the limelight.
(1) Closing magnet KC 50; (2) Magnetic plate KC 50/G; (3) Handle KC 17

The advantages at a glance

In addition to the completely new, flush glass door optics and the silent closing, a major advantage of TECTUS Glass is that no glass processing is required. The door leaf made of ESG-glass can be used on the right/left, as well as up/down, which leads to a reduction of storage and simplifies assembly and the order processing.

Product features

  • door leaf, frame and hinge system are flush
  • glass manipulation is not necessary
  • comfortable installation
  • contactless and silent closing process
  • suited to the interior construction of residential and heavy-duty buildings
  • suitable for 8 – 10 mm ESG-glass
  • load capacity up to 60 kg (up to 80 kg deliverable from the 4th quarter of 2018)
  • for timber, steel and aluminium frames
  • Finishes: Satin Stainless Steel, Matte Pure Grey, Traffic White
  • stable hinge kinematics for reliable and durable function
  • continuous side and height adjustment
  • opening angle up to 180°




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We are absolutely loving this display of finial tips from @simonswerkuk Its a great way to show the many designs available!
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