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Meeting The Demand for Accessible Design | YKK AP

Meet The Demand for Accessible Design
YSD 600 T sliding glass door – Image:

Why do we need to design for accessibility?

According to AARP, 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day – making the current aging population the largest in U.S. history. As this population continues to grow, architects and contractors are increasingly designing for accessibility – even when it is not specified under the American Disabilities Act. The YSD 600 T provides an additional entrance option for accessible design, and is particularly suited for multifamily, hotels, condominiums, and multi-purpose buildings.

The YKK AP solution to the accessibility issue

The YSD 600 T thermally-broken, low threshold sliding glass door. With options for standard and low threshold profiles, the YSD 600 T sliding glass door enables architects and contractors to more easily incorporate accessibility needs into their designs.

“We have seen a shift, particularly in multifamily and hospitality-related applications, toward designing for accessibility,” said Mike Turner of YKK AP. “We are addressing this growing demand in all operable product lines, continuing with the YSD 600 T. The sliding glass door is developed to be a part of a holistic design geared toward making spaces more accessible.”

The YSD 600 T offers options for standard or low profile thresholds. Designed to provide enhanced structural capabilities without the need for added reinforcement, the YSD 600 T accepts standard tempered one-inch thick insulating units. All panels, fixed and operable, provide a shop-fabricated option and can be pre-glazed in the shop to take advantage of a controlled environment and less expensive shop labor.

The YSD 600 T has a U-value of 0.51 BTU/HR/FT2/°F and achieves maximum energy performance and enhanced occupant comfort by utilizing YKK AP’s patented ThermaBond Plus® thermal break technology. The system design provides added durability and resiliency to the lifespan of a building and helps reduce maintenance costs.

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