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Marechiaro Sliding Door System by Giulio Cappellini

The Marea sliding systems ALTOPIANO and Marechiaro of Linvisible are the first and exclusive external sliding systems, without a containment pocket, developed in collaboration with Giulio Cappellini. 

Two diverse products, each one characterized by specific materials, thicknesses, textures and construction methods, which offer a functional and stylistic choice of design, responding in an articulated way to the project demands of architects and designers.

Marechiaro is an extremely versatile product, proposed in both wooden and glass versions. A perimetral aluminum frame, of 60 mm of thickness, holds the door panels giving the whole, elegance and lightness.

Marechiaro Sliding Door System by Giulio Cappellini

Technical features and details

Marechiaro is proposed in both wooden and glass versions.

  • Wood panel version with hollow core panels of 25 mm of thickness, realized with perimetral hardwood and 2 smooth MDF sheets on both sides. Class E-1, low formaldehyde emission;

or in alternative glass version:

  • Glass panel version of 8 mm of thickness in the versions:
  • Extra clear tempered glass, transparent or frosted – Tempered glass, retro-lacquered laminated RAL
  • Laminated etched glass anti-touch
  • Rail support available in ceiling recessed version, completely flush, or “sottotrave” with exposed “veil” (realizable in finishes matching with the wall or with the products’ metallic elements), which can be hung from supporting beams with minimum wall intervention. The verification for the stability of the load-bearing supports to which the structure is attached is under the client’s responsibility.
  • Rail in standard anodized silver finish, or realizable by request, varnished with the other metallic components, in finishes: black, petroleum, dark brown, light and dark bronze. Possibility to choose the rail with simple or telescopic sliding (not synchronized) for single or double leaves.

See the Marechiaro Sliding System in action:

For more information about Marechiaro click here.



Durable, #functional and #aesthetic.
#LINVISIBILE’s highly functional Pocket #Sliding #door carries out no operation on the #panel. All the movement acts on two screws placed in between the rail and striker.
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