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LandGlass Is Going to Attend GLASSTEC 2018
Glasstec is one of three major international glass exhibitions held every other year in Dusseldorf, Germany. LandGlass, as one of the earliest glass tempering furnace manufacturers from China entering the European market, will showcase its diversified, high-end products at Glasstec 2018 as scheduled. LandGlass is going to present you with the full range of flat & bent glass tempering solutions, and its fully tempered vacuum insulated glass – LandVac and Window & Door system. We are looking forward to seeing you there.
You can find the following products showcased at LandGlass booth:
1.Ultra-thin solar energy glass and home appliance glass used by internationally renowned enterprises, produced by LandGlass continuous glass tempering furnaces —— a perfect solution for mass production of high-quality glass.
2.Laminated insulating glass used by high-speed trains, produced by LandGlass JetConvection series glass tempering furnace, with high mechanic strength and impact resistance, great flatness and outstanding visual effect.
3. LandVac —— Vacuum insulated glass —— light and thin structure, with its high vacuum chamber, LandVac can effectively block heat transfer and sound transmission.
4. LandVac—— Special-shaped vacuum insulated glass —— Satisfying our pursuits in both practical solutions and artistic designs.
5. LandVac —— LandVac Window & Door System comes in a variety of materials —— Providing integrated window solutions for the entire home, a new level in home comfort.
Visit LandGlass booth for more information.


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