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How Win-Vent Architectural Windows Achieved 455% Total Business Growth

How Win-Vent achieved 455% total business growth

Located in Fort Scott, Kansas, Win-Vent Architectural Windows is a leading manufacturer of commercial and heavy commercial grade aluminum architectural windows since 1974. Owned by Extrusions, Inc, the company operates out of a 160,000 square foot facility, employs approximately 165 people and values a reputation for producing quality windows at competitive prices with excellent delivery.

Win-Vent Architectural Windows was experiencing limited visibility in their manufacturing facility. They employed manual processes at the time which are generally prone to error and wastage, and they found they had very little little capacity to upscale and grow their volumes.

Win-Vent Architectural Windows partnered with Soft Tech first to implement a quoting tool, then further introduced Soft Tech V6 to full work processes on factory floor as they grew.

As a result of introducing Soft Tech V6 software solutions, Win-Vent experienced a Total Business Growth increase of 455%, quadrupling in size between 2012 and 2018. They realized great scalability, allowing for expansion and revenue growth while minimizing increases in operational costs, and they improved response times dramatically with increased accuracy.




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