How To Design Balcony Balustrades
How To Design ?

How To Design Balcony Balustrades ?

The latest Building Regulations, which arrived in December 2018, ban the use of combustible materials in balconies balustrades

Why Specify Which Type of Glass?
Why choose

Why Specify Which Type of Glass?

Choosing the right architectural glass is crucial to a successful project. For more informed decisions in the evaluation, selection and specification of architectural glass. Becoming


Why Is Natural Light So Important?

Civic architecture is all about creating buildings that engage with their communities.  It’s about creating places and spaces in which we are able to respond

Natural Light

How to Maximise Light and Space In Your Kitchen

Houzz’s survey shows that the renovation priorities for homeowners are to improve the design, functionality and energy efficiency of their home and ultimately increase the

A Modern Home is a Functional Home
Energy Efficiency

What Really Defines A Modern Home?

It would be hard to pin point certain technologies that have rendered our modern homes functional. However, there is no dearth of modern designs, features,