The best fiberglass Architecture: Flagship Dior - Séoul
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6 Must See Fibreglass In Architecture

First developed in the mid-1930s, Fibreglass has become a staple in the building industry. It has many architectural uses. It can be used on the

Security Sliding Doors - Sky-Frame Guard
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Security Sliding Doors – Sky-Frame Guard | Sky-Frame

The Sky-Frame sliding window system is burglar-resistant and can, where required, be fitted with laminated safety glass and additional security hardware concealed in the frame. Alarm sensors can also be integrated

3D GLASS - a revolutionary, patented technology that lets you shape three-dimensional
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3D Glass Freedom to form | PRESS GLASS SA

  What is great architecture all about? It’s about freedom. The freedom to shape bold visions. The freedom to articulate those visions in every dimension. Great architecture is

Natural Light

How to Maximise Light and Space In Your Kitchen

Houzz’s survey shows that the renovation priorities for homeowners are to improve the design, functionality and energy efficiency of their home and ultimately increase the

Why Specify Which Type of Glass?
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Why Specify Which Type of Glass?

Choosing the right architectural glass is crucial to a successful project. For more informed decisions in the evaluation, selection and specification of architectural glass. Becoming


Why Is Natural Light So Important?

Civic architecture is all about creating buildings that engage with their communities.  It’s about creating places and spaces in which we are able to respond

Designing Glass to Resist Wind and Snow Loads
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Designing Glass to Resist Wind and Snow Loads

Accommodating for wind and snow is one of the important upfront considerations in the design and specification process. There is a multi-step process that must