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Glass shell by Glas Trösch for the Al Fattan Crystal Towers

Al Fattan Crystal Towers - Image: Glas Trösch

One of the world’s most famous beaches, Jumeirah Beach, stretches about 20 kilometres from downtown Dubai. In front of the sand-coloured architecture of the beach hotels, a luxurious eye-catcher was recently created here: The new pair of skyscrapers “Al Fattan Crystal Towers – Rixos Premium Dubai” is completely wrapped in glass and lends the skyline a glamorous sheen. Depending on the viewing angle, the bright blue sky or the turquoise sea glisten on the elegant surface of the two towers, whose design is based on the shape of crystals. 

The Project

“When we started to think about the building, the main idea was to create something that adds another atmosphere to the silhouette of Dubai when you are looking from the ocean side. And the idea was to create this crystal feeling in front of the vertical sand atmosphere. Something that arises from the ocean side and that shape its own figure, its own presence in front of all those buildings. And you put another energy, vertical energy on it, and eventually make it an iconographic figure in this silhouette that represents itself.” Melkan Gürsel, Tabanlioglu Architects

Glass was chosen as the material for the façade of the building for several reasons: it is the obvious material to give this crystal feeling to the building. Furthermore, its transparency allows to enjoy the ocean and city panorama and also to feel the “vista” of the city from the inside.

“When sitting inside, you want to have a look outside. The glass will allow you to have a very clear view and especially at the night-time, this product will allow you to see through it and you have an almost clear vision from the inside to the outside.” Ali W. Hammoud, Intraco

Al Fattan Crystal Towers - Image: Glas Trösch

The challenges

In hot climate areas like Dubai, there are several aspects of the building comfort that need to be taken into account. In order to reduce the heating up of the building and acclimatization consumption, you need a product that combines conductivity and radiation. The u-value and the shading coefficient need to be very good. At the same time, it is important to take advantage of the glass transparency to allow natural light to enter the building and to reduce the amount of artificial lighting. However, the glass should allow a good amount of light to go through it so that people in the building feels comfortable with the light.

The Solutions

Glas Trösch and its partner Intraco UAE have been chosen as the glass supplier for this project.

“After our research, we decided to work with Glas Trösch because we think that the product is matching so much with the idea of what we want to create with this building. And of course the service, you know, the collaboration beforehand is very important, because you are not only choosing a glass but also technical stuff and technical support underneath”. Melkan Gürsel, Tabanlioglu Architects

The glass used for this project is SILVERSTAR COMBI Silver 32/21 on clear base glass. SILVERSTAR COMBI is an insulating glass ideal for economic and environment-friendly total energy management. The specific coating of the insulating glass offers a needs-oriented combination of sun protection and thermal insulation. SILVERSTAR COMBI is intrinsically suited to locations where good sun protection together with high daylight incidence is desired. SILVERSTAR COMBI Silver 32/21 solar control glass was specially developed for the Middle East region and also ensures a comfortable indoor climate inside the crystal towers as well as an undisturbed view of Dubai’s prominent beach promenade.

“SILVERSTAR COMBI Silver 32/21 is one of the products that have a very nice colour from the outside, it is not highly reflective and at the same time, it is highly transparent. When sitting inside, you want to have a look outside. The glass will allow you to have a very clear view as the coating itself does not show any colour. And especially at the night-time, this product will allow you to see through it and you have an almost clear vision from the inside to the outside.  It has a very good u-value.” Ali W. Hammoud, Intraco

Watch the video:

Project: Al Fattan Crystal Towers – Rixos Premium Dubai

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Completion: 2018

Architect: Tabanlıoğlu Architects, Istanbul, Turkey

Developer: Al Fattan Properties LLC., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Facade Contractor: Cladtech international LLC., Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Glas Trösch Partner: Intraco UAE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Insulating glass manufacturer: Glas Trösch, Bützberg (CH)

Glass Make-up: 8mm SILVERSTAR COMBI Silver 32/21 16 13.52

Products: SILVERSTAR COMBI Silver 32/21

Coating: Glas Trösch, Bützberg (CH)




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