FeneTech announces the release of their new ERP software FeneVision ultimate during glasstec 2018 in Dusseldorf Germany

FeneVision ultimate

Cleveland, Ohio basedFeneTech, Inc., the global leader for fully integrated ERP software solutions for the fenestration industry, has announced that it will release its latest software generation FeneVision ultimate during the world’s largest tradeshow for glass processing glasstec, taking place October 23-26 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

FeneVision ultimate includes many new features and offers even greater ease-of-use. Designed for glass fabrication and window and door manufacturing companies, FeneVision ultimate will be the most -comprehensive software version released to date.

In addition to the established features of FeneVision CORE, which have also been further enhanced, FeneVision ultimate includes many new functions including a fully integrated CRM module, enhanced RMA functionality (Return Material Authorization), additional mobile apps as well as additional optimized features for multi-site companies, corporations, and large enterprises. With FeneVision ultimate, it is possible to plan capacities across multiple production sites without having to issue separate orders among sites of a multi-site corporation. Status control is provided across those branches. Fully automatic and transparent status visibility is available across all involved sites—all from one single-source sales order—no matter how complex the product to be produced may be. Additionally, eventual changes to original orders are automatically shared among involved production companies.

 “The functionality of our integrated FeneVision ERP solution continues to advance at a rapid pace,” says Horst Mertes, VP of Sales & Marketing for FeneTech, Inc. and CEO of Luxembourg- based FeneTech Europe SARL. “With FeneVision ultimate, we are again improving the overall functionality of our leading integrated ERP software, while at the same time incorporating many new features for our sizeable and growing customer base. Furthermore, we are constantly adopting our overall software design with the most modern touch, look, and feel that will improve the software’s overall ease-of-use. To date, FeneVision ultimate is the most modern, powerful, and integrated ERP software solution ever released.”

Ron Crowl, President & CEO of FeneTech, Inc. adds, “When a company stops improving their software products they quickly become obsolete. At FeneTech, we continually invest a significant number of man hours each year enhancing our products with new features and functionality. Our investment will never be complete as we feel this is the key to our continued worldwide growth. FeneVisionultimateis the latest version of our collective efforts.”

Source: www.glasstec-online.com




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