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Design Glass With 3D effect: The Waveline Fluid | Saint-Gobain

© Studio Space GmbH / © Saint-Gobain Glass

SGG WAVELINE® FLUID sets standards for glass in a new dimension! The design of WAVELINE FLUID is inspired by structures of nature, architecture and everyday life. The three-dimensional effect arises from the alternation of structured and transparent areas.

FLUID sets new standards for glass design utilising a 3D effect for maximum impact. The stylish and dramatic effect has been created with the aid of innovative and unique material shaping and material transformation technologies. The design has been inspired by structures from nature, architecture and the everyday world.

The fascinating visual effects are achieved by the innovatively designed surface with its 3D-effect and wave-like structure. This effect is generated through the interplay between alternating areas of structured and transparent areas, which are shaped into the glass using a new, specially developed roller technology. This interplay makes the glass appear more substantial and tactile. The structuring provides a shadowy view through the glass, while the depth of the material provides inspiring and varying degrees of translucence, and the feel enhances the tactile perception. This makes the glass suitable for a wide range of different applications.

FLUID is characterised by a contemporary and modern design. With its gentle, wave-like flow it follows the trend for a dynamic and natural appearance. The design of FLUID is inspired by the motion of flowing water and imparts a vivid impression that delivers unusual glimpses and insights through the glass. This new form of glass structure also satisfies the needs of customers for flatter and more modern glass structures. FLUID is produced according to the patterned glass procedure EN 572-5.

Application Area

FLUID is perfect for:
• glass partition walls
• doors
• shower partitions
• insulating glazing

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Dedign Glass With 3D effect: The Waveline Fluid

FLUID gives rooms character and encourages designers to experiment. It can be fitted either horizontally or vertically and achieves a different effect in each case. It can be processed into safety glass and can display a sophisticated presence with a lacquered or printed backside. With FLUID, architects and designers also have access to an exceptional design medium for façades.

FLUID offers good levels of privacy, is relatively insusceptible to fingerprints and can be easily processed into toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass without creating excessive cutting waste in the process. The glazing can be used to provide privacy whilst also letting light through, which has excellent benefits in exterior and interior applications.


Light and movement

With the unusual interplay between transparency and translucency, FLUID breaks up the light in a wave-like visual rhythm, which creates a special luminescence in the room.

Room aesthetics

The newly designed wave-like structure of the glass creates a spatial sense of depth, which sets itself clearly apart from other types of glass in terms of its aesthetic appearance. The innovative design thus helps interiors to shine in a completely new way.

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