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Aluminum Window Prices V/S UPVC Window Prices: Which Is The Better In The Long Run?

Aluminum WIndow Prices V/S UPVC Window Prices: Which Is The Better In The Long Run?

Have you ever wondered why aluminium windows were replaced by counterparts? The answer is easy. They were replaced by uPVC windows due to the materials better resistance to weather, UV rays, high durability, and its versatility.

Here are a few ways where aluminium windows fall short from uPVC windows:

BasisAluminium WindowsuPVC Windows
Corrosion proofNoYes
Stain resistantNoYes
DurableFor a whileLifetime

While from this tabular structure it is absolutely evident that uPVC windows are the superior choice. Let us discuss the main motive of this blog, the pricing hassle. Which is higher? Aluminium window prices or uPVC window prices and which one will give you your money’s worth?

Aluminium window prices depend on a lot on the following factors:

  • Size of the aperture
  • Number of panes in the window
  • Glazing (double or triple)
  • Locking mechanisms
  • Colours and finishes
  • Quality of aluminium used (prime aluminium billets or scrap aluminium)

Based on these factors, the aluminium window prices are very high and can be a large investment which many homeowners may not be willing to make.

While comparing aluminium window prices and uPVC window prices always base your comparison on account glazing, frame colour, handles, locks, and accessories, because of all of these factors into the overall cost of the windows. Once you are clear on the factors and which will influence your decision to opt for an aluminium window or a uPVC window, the price will hardly matter. With all of the manufacturing factors, both aluminium window prices and uPVC window prices go hand-in-hand. There is a marginal difference in aluminium window prices and uPVC window prices.

We certainly agree that putting up windows in a space is an investment. But, what matters the most is the investment return. While clearly distinguished in the table above that uPVC windows are the way to go.




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