ALUMIL’s Enhanced Durability Sublimation Colour Guide

Being well aware of the markets’ needs for superior quality, Alumil has developed a sublimation colour guide based on super durable (Class 2 – D2525) base coatings, offering an unmatched combination of classical aesthetics and enhanced durability. The new pallet consists of twenty-one (21) options. Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Nussbaum and more are presented in various versions to meet any aesthetic requirement.

The colours of this new color guide are expected to last 3-5 times more compared to any standard sublimation color in terms of gloss loss, colouring alterations and chipping , strongly increasing the value of your constructions. Alumil, always aiming to provide the best services and quality available, is certified for sublimation production.

Visit one of our networks’ showrooms or request for a Sublimation Color Guide to get to know the various solutions we offer.





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