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AluClip Zero, the perfect combination of PVC and aluminium

AluClip Zero, the perfect combination of PVC and aluminium

AluClip Zero is the mixed woodwork system from Kömmerling for windows and doors with which it aims to combine the aesthetics of aluminium with the provisions of PVC.

This 76-mm practicable system with triple centre joint, combines the technical provisions of the KÖMMERLING76 system with an attractive metal finish and a straight, refined line aesthetic which makes it the ideal solution to complete the needs of any current architectural project.

Like all the KÖMMERLING systems, also due to its thermal insulation, it gains a UF thermal transmittance value of 1.2 W/m2K with steel reinforcement that could reach values from UW 0.87 W/m2K. AluClip Zero also has notable values for the other technical provisions:

  • Up to 47 dB of acoustic reduction (with special glass).
  • Highest wind resistance with C5 classification thanks to a large reinforcement of high-inertia zinc plated steel.
  • Highest air permeability classification; CLASS 4.
  • Enclosures up to 2.5 m in height and glazings up to 56 mm can be manufactured.
  • Available in several colours and finishes.
  • Finishes for all types of projects.

AluClip Zero is manufactured in three different ways to respond to the new demands of the sector, which looks for the best solutions both in their values and in their visual approach: flush option, inset option and all-glass option, where the sheet of glass is visually hidden, with an all-glass visual aesthetic.

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