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A Smart Use Of Slide & Stack Glass Walls

A genuine use of glass walls to open up a restaurant roof top

The challenge

When designing a whimsical hotel in Birmingham, Ala., a client needed an option that would open up the roof top restaurant, allowing guests a one of a kind experience in the beautiful southern weather. They approached Solar Innovations® for an aesthetical and practical solution.

A genuine use of glass walls to open up a restaurant roof top

The solution

Solar Innovations® had the perfect solution with their slide & stack glass walls. This product has been designed for businesses and homes looking for custom exterior doors.

Slide & stack glass walls are top hung systems requiring headers to bear the weight of the unit. They can be utilized for straight, angular, multiple faces, and curved openings to accommodate any project. While the wall is open, the panels stack into a parking bay and have the flexibility of being visible or hidden. The design of the panel parking bay allows for one hand operation of the stacking panels. Slide & stack glass walls create a weatherproof storefront that can be hidden when the sun is shining, or sealed tightly during more undesirable weather. When closed, glass panels let more daylight into the building, creating a brighter and friendly environment.

To accommodate the eclectic hotel’s dining area, Solar installed a total of 14 slide & stack glass wall panels. With 7 panels opening on each side of the corner post, the restaurant was able to open up into the outdoor seating and dining area seamlessly. With expansive rooftop views and the warm southern weather, the slide & stack glass walls were not only aesthetically pleasing, but also practical as well.

Adhering to all restaurant and building codes, these doors were finished in bronze to blend into the rest of the design. The units were top loaded and were installed with a double bottom heavy rail. In addition, two-point lock systems were installed for added security.

This hotel was designed to “celebrate creativity and inspire the soul,” featuring local and international artwork within its walls. By working with Solar, the client was able to retain that luxurious feel while knowing they received the highest quality product.


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