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3D Glass Freedom to form | PRESS GLASS SA

3D GLASS - a revolutionary, patented technology that lets you shape three-dimensional

What is great architecture all about? It’s about freedom. The freedom to shape bold visions. The freedom to articulate those visions in every dimension. Great architecture is the freedom to form in your mind and soul. In building materials. Freedom to form in glass.

A revolutionary technology

3D GLASS by PRESS GLASS – a revolutionary, patented technology that lets you shape three-dimensional, smoothly changing glass surfaces and facades. Thermally formed 3D GLASS fills the market gap of complex architectural glass forms built with geometrically varied elements. 3D GLASS is a new approach to thermoforming glass using patented technology that uses ceramic moulds in place of previously used metal moulds. The efficient process of forming individual ceramic matrices gives greater freedom in forming large surfaces consisting of unique glass panes. It’s a new opening for the global architecture, where thermoformed glass really sets free the third dimension of glazing

3D GLASS - a revolutionary, patented technology that lets you shape three-dimensional

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3D GLASS - a revolutionary, patented technology that lets you shape three-dimensional

Improved thermal insulation

3D GLASS contributes to the sustainability of tall buildings by making heating and cooling more efficient. Using single or laminated glass panes with the newest high selective coatings and connecting them with spacer bars allows us to offer energy efficient double or triple glazed units, greatly improving the indoor environmental quality of buildings by reducing heat loss and limiting sun penetration.

3D GLASS - a revolutionary, patented technology that lets you shape three-dimensional

Better acoustic insulation

The irregular and curvilinear surface of façades using 3D GLASS improves the acoustic insulation of buildings, thanks to better dispersion of acoustic waves. The effect can be strengthened when 3D GLASS is used as a “second skin”. The degree of acoustic insulation improvement depends on the designed shape of the glass.

Greater load resistance

Well-designed shapes together with chemical strengthening greatly improve the rigidity of glass and its ability to transfer loads.

Watch the video presentation of the 3D GLASS:


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Decyzją Centrum Analiz Branżowych otrzymaliśmy certyfikat Lidera Rynku Stolarki 2019. Serdecznie dziękujemy za wyróżnienie! Certyfikat ten dedykujemy naszym Klientom w Polsce – to dzięki ich wzrostowi wzrasta również firma Press Glass. | More:

We are glad that we could have delivered 8,500 m2 IGU’s with solar control glass for three towers of Sutton Point (London, UK).
was responsible for the design, manufacture and installation simultaneously across three towers, of Sutton Point’s façade.

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#ICYMI You can read all about our involvement in the Sutton Point mixed use development in our latest case study – can you tell we’re pretty proud of our involvement on this development?

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