Next step in smart glass technology at Glasstec 2018 – Glaston

Next step in smart glass technology at Glasstec 2018 - Glaston

At Glasstec 2018, Glaston and Heliotrope unveiled the next step in smart glass evolution

In late 2015, Glaston Corporation and Heliotrope Technologies Inc. joined forces with the goal to develop a dynamic glazing solution for mass market adoption at a competitive price. Over the course of the last 3 years, Heliotrope and Glaston have been working closely towards commercialization of Heliotrope’s colloidal nanocrystal-based NanoEC™ technology for dynamic glazing. Glaston has played a critical role in design and commissioning of Heliotrope’s prototype line in Alameda, California.

Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) and window manufacturers have been eagerly waiting for the commercial release of the NanoEC™ technology, which offers a unique possibility of meeting both aesthetic appearance and manufacturing cost targets required for mass market adoption of electrochromic smart glass products. “Our partnership with Glaston has been critical in developing a unique set of equipment for assembling NanoEC™ coated glass into Smart Pane Units (SPUs™)”, says Heliotrope’s founder and Chief Science Officer Dr. Guillermo Garcia.

”As the expert in essential technology, Glaston has in a short space of time achieved the position of a proactive and reliable partner for companies developing and commercializing smart glass inventions. Due to our strong technological expertise, we have been able to respond to even the most challenging development requests in this, as well as in other projects. In addition to technological expertise, Glaston’s extensive contact network is seen as great asset, as we are able to bring in various partners and experts,” says Glaston Corporation’s CEO&President Arto Metsänen.

With the project advancing on schedule, Glaston and Heliotrope prepare for the commercial launch of the first pilot line in spring 2019.





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