Sparklike Presents Their Test Report Paper at Engineered Transparency

Sparklike Presents Their Test Report Paper at Engineered Transparency

As in 2016, Sparklike will also be participating in this year’s Engineered Transparency, where Sparklike’s Sales Director, Mr. Mauri Saksala will be presenting the paper Independent Testing of Sparklike Laser™ – Non-destructive Insulating Glass Gas Fill Analyser. This international symposium is organised by the Technische Universität Darmstadt and the Technische Universität Dresden, and will be held during glasstec, in a specially designed conference area in hall 10. Mr. Saksala will present the test paper on Thursday, the 25th of October, at 2.40 PM.


Sparklike Oy's Sales Director, Mr. Mauri Saksala
Sparklike’s Sales Director,
Mr. Mauri Saksala


The presented paper was written based on two independent test reports. In other words, Sparklike requested two well-known test laboratories to perform tests in order to determine the argon gas concentration in insulating glass units by using a particularly challenging test specimen. The test specimen included samples with different constructions i.e. clear glass, triple glazed units as well as laminated glass with different coatings. The purpose of these tests was to verify the results from measurements done with Sparklike Laser™, by using gas chromatographs as reference devices.

Click the link below to access one of the original test reports:




Sparklike is happy to take part in the symposium since this year’s Engineered Transparency – Glass in Architecture and Structural Engineering conference contains more than 60 papers on design, workmanship, research and development by eminent authors. In addition, the papers will give a good insight into structural glass construction and state-of-the-art technology. Finally, this two-day conference also contains proceedings with more than 70 scientific papers.





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