EPBD Implementation To Unleash The Energy Savings Potential Of Windows


The massive energy savings potential of high performing windows remains largely untapped in the European Union. If properly implemented, the 2018-amended Energy Performance of Buildings Directive could provide the right legislative framework to overcome the remaining barriers which still prevent savings from state-of-the-art windows to be realised.

In a common position paper, the building glass, façade and window industries represented by European AluminiumEuroWindoorES-SO, FAECF and Glass for Europe propose to pursue 3 key objectives to maximise the contribution of windows to ensure a decarbonised building stock by 2050:

  1. Increasing the replacement rate of windows as part of the long-term renovation strategy.
  2. Using the “energy balance” approach to assess the energy performance of windows.
  3. Recognising the benefits of daylight, natural ventilation and solar management.

Source: glassforeurope.com




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#Energyefficiency solutions and #renewables must work hand in hand.
Less energy consumption means less pressure on availability of renewable sources of electricity for the #electrification of Europe

#RES #lowcarbonEU2050

EP plenary vote on #EED – Congratulations to @PocheMEP!
Overall EU #energyefficiency target increased from 30.0% to 32.5% by 2030: We bear witness to Parliament’s determination to sustain jobs creation, improve energy security, and protect the climate.

Advanced glazing products allow savings from #heating and #cooling in #buildings.
Flat #glass industry is a sine qua non of EU transition towards a low carbon economy

#energyefficiency #lowcarbonEU2050 #NZEB #EPBD

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