What You Need To Know About aïr Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors have become a big favourite with householders, builders and architects over the past few years and it’s easy to understand why from the second you set your eyes on them for the first time and see them in action.

Anyone yet to see a set of bi-folding doors in person can expect to develop a sudden urge to own some once they have, especially if they’re the aïr 800, the world’s most captivating bi-fold solution.

Bi-folds don’t get any better than the aïr 800

Bi-folding doors are renowned for having super slim sightlines to maximise the glazed sections and they don’t come more slender than the sightlines found on the aïr 800 (from only 108mm).

Available with panels as large as 3m tall and capable of withstanding wind loads of 100 mph, they can span an amazingly long distance if you have a significant volume of wall space to house them.

Configured to either open in or out, they can be manoeuvred with so little effort thanks to the lightness of the aluminium frames. A gentle push makes the individual sections collectively fold, slide and eventually concertina at one end with endless elegance and leaves you with an expansive and beautiful outdoor opening.

You’re blessed with options where configurations and colours are concerned as there are over 200 possible door configurations and hundreds of potential finishes to choose from.

Key benefits of our bi-folds

Some have already been mentioned above, but there are further reasons why our bi-folds are in a different league to any other bi-folds.

Low maintenance

aïr needs very little upkeep as the aluminium frames are weather-resistant and can be easily wiped clean with a warm soapy cloth. The finish will also stay intact, eliminating the need for any repainting.

Light transference

The unprecedented volume of glass in the aïr 800 helps to entice an incredible amount of natural light indoors which results in the relevant room being illuminated beyond belief. This light transference also seemingly enlarges spaces.

High security

This particular aïr offering meets PAS 24 ‘Secure by Design’ approval, the British standard regarding the security levels of external doorsets and windows. It demonstrates that it has been tested by an independent third-party and is proven to be secure.

« Bi-folding doors are renowned for having super slim sightlines to maximise the glazed sections and they don’t come more slender than the sightlines found on the aïr 800 « 

25 years of bi-folding brilliance

Very few products in this industry, least of all cutting edge bi-folding doors, come with more than a 10 year guarantee, but the aïr 800 has a market-leading 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee, testament to its unrivalled class!

If they’re something you’d love to have in your home, click here to find your closest aïr Accredited Retailer.





With a U-Value of as low as 0.95W/m2K, aïr 500LS offer impressive energy efficiency to keep heat in and bills low. Discover more features here:

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