FAKRO in Prefab Integrated Multifunctional Energy roof (PRIME)

FAKRO in Prefab Integrated Multifunctional Energy roof

The new European legislation calls for new buildings that are ‘almost energy neutral buildings’ (BENG). Also, due to this new policy, existing buildings and houses should be renovated to get a better energy label. FAKRO, in collaboration with several Dutch companies, contributes to this by developing a Prefab Integrated Multifunctional Energy roof (PRIME).

Unique collaboration
During the PRIME-project, beautiful and sustainable energy generation is made possible by a unique collaboration of specialized companies. These companies are: Linex Prefab Daksystemen bv (prefab roof systems), Femtogrid Energy Solutions, IBC Solar bv, TULiPPS Solar bv and FAKRO Nederland bv. The first testing and demonstrating project of the PRIME-project has been successfully built on the terrain of Linex Prefab Daksystemen bv. After the summer a second demo-project will be built at TULiPPS Solar bv. Not only demo-projects are being built, but also the first commercial project. This project, called Villa Vianen, will be ready this summer.

The focus of this project and future projects is on the following points:

  • Good sound isolation by working with mineral wool.
  • Simple installation through patented click system.
  • Aesthetic borderless ‘long-life’ glass-glass solar panels.
  • Excellent high energy proceeds (165 kWh/m² on south setup).
  • A waterproof system including a ridge, drain and facade connection.
  • Seamless integration of roof windows in the solar panels.
  • Prefab Integrated Multifunctional Energy roof (PRIME).

The role of FAKRO
The role of FAKRO within this project is of course the development and delivery of roof windows and other daylight products. In addition to the (smart) roof windows, FAKRO also provides the Innoview window frame for the dormer, the waterproofness of the border and the finishing. The roof windows for the PRIME-project are specially developed so that these align perfectly (and seamlessly) with the solar panels, meet all the quality requirements and the BENG-requirements.

Source: www.fakro.com





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